Seeking Revivalist Missionaries

Is God Calling You?

The Kingdom of this World is undergoing a shaking like nothing ever seen before. Christians are ridiculed and hated, while at the same time movements of transforming revival are changing the faces of nations. 

God is calling humble servants to leave the familiar behind and follow His purposes to restore His Church and manifest His presence and power to cities and nations.

I'm looking for a new breed of missionary to come and join us in Haiti, those whom we call "revivalists." If you are one, you resonate with that term. You are weary and grieved with the present realities of God's Church, and you hunger to see His will restored in her. 

Perhaps you have sensed  unrest and a sense that God is calling you to step out into the international harvest of souls and nations. You may not be a preacher or leader of multitudes; you may be an intercessor or worshipper or musician. Or have any of a number of gifts God can use for His purpose in spiritual revival.

I turn 69 this year and I know, even though I still feel young, that God is calling me to raise up a company of revivalist missionaries who will serve the purposes of our Father by the power of the Holy Spirit and who will travel the width and breadth of Haiti to draw churches and nation to repentance, unity, prayer, worship, and turn Haiti from nation of poverty and corruption to a blessed nation of God!

Go to the Contact page and write me a message TODAY if you sense that still, small voice tugging at you. Perhaps the destiny God created for you is ready to be revealed!

Pastor Jim Glynn