Our Hearts' Longing

The Revival of Church and Nation

The heart of God fo Haiti has become our hearts' longing: to find the people who already have His heart, and to encourage and guide them in the full renewal of their lives of faith and service to His purposes for Haiti. We want to grow leaders:

…who love the Lord more than money, more than a US visa, more than the praise of men;

…who love prayer and who know that the only solution for the problems of their nation is in prayer alone;

…who know that the Church is sick and that the only solution is confession of sin and repentance of all church leaders and Christians;

…who know that the system of worship, fasting services, prayer, and music in the church is also sick in many ways;

…who are ready to give their lives in order to see spiritual revival in their nation;

…who understand why demons rule over the Church in the same way they rule over the nation;

…who do not have the fear of men but who have a great fear of God;

…who have big vision, but who know that they cannot make the vision happen by themselves or by establishing their own kingdom;

…who want to be equipped to transform their own churches into congregations that worship in spirit and in truth;

…who can throw out from their churches all selfish prayers for money and material things, and replace them with prayers for the manifestation of God's presence, purpose, and power;

…who know the heart of God breaks because his people don’t really love Him, serve Him, or have His character, but are full of anger, jealousy, division, pride, the desire to seek the kingdom of earth, who are not interested in the Kingdom of God but only in whatever road will produce money

…who know that these are the reasons God left this nation in the hands of Satan and has not yet returned to save the nation

…who know that only if the Church repents and begins to serve people outside with the true heart of God, only in that moment will God come with a great miracle and with a revival that will transform the whole nation;

…even though they may be “big pastors,” even though they may have big vision and big words, they must have big humility, so that they always confess before men and before God how they are not anything apart from Him, how they don’t want a morsel of glory for themselves, but for God alone;

It’s our mission to find the pastors and leaders who are hungry and humble, to teach them, encourage them, help them preach the true message of revival in every zone, to help them transform their own churches, to help them assemble other pastors and to be apostles before those pastors. 

It is for us to go with great courage with the message that burns within us, in every place we go, to demonstrate a great presence and power of God together with a great humility, a great love for one another, a great grace for all pastors. 

It is for us to always worship and pray with pastors, with churches, in outdoor services and indoor services and celebrations of unity with churches together, with a great spiritual presence evident. It is for our team to pray, pray, pray, to pray before people so that they can see how our hearts are only looking to the Lord, not to demonstrate our own music or preaching abilities.

It is for our team to find every road that makes it possible for the message of revival to enter every church and every pastor in the nation, that Christians would seek the forgiveness and presence of God without any other material thing, that they would repent for the great sins of the Church, that they would begin to demonstrate a character people have never before seen in Christians, of people who are thirsty for the presence of God alone. When this happens, it will prepare holy ground as an invitation for the Lord to descend Himself with signs of great revival and transformation of the nation.

Pastor Jim Glynn