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A Mission of Spiritual Renewal and Transformation to the Churches and Nation of Haiti.

What is HaitiRevival?

Building Revival Foundations


HaitiRevival exists to carry a message to God's Church, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, the message preached by Jesus and His Disciples, that by the renewed life of His Church, Haiti might be transformed into all God originally intended her to be. Everything we do in preaching, teaching, worship, prayer, and mentoring ministries is to lay foundations for National Transforming Revival.

Mentoring Leaders and Congregations


Pastors, church staff, worship leaders, musicians, congregations, and spiritually hungry young people. One by one, in small groups or large conferences, in our home or church or other venues, we seek those hungry for spiritual Truth to have their hearts broken for God's Church and then to be equipped to follow Jesus' footsteps in awakening Church and Nation.

Restoring Intercession and Worship


Raising up spiritual warriors of worship and prayer. Worship that renounces the concert performance atmosphere and replaces it with humble humans guiding Christians to the holy Throne Room of God. Prayer that replaces demands for prosperity and possessions with cries for forgiveness, unity, and God's transforming presence and power.


Our Haiti Staff

Misha, Pastor Jim, Marc

Three of us live together in a beautiful house in Port-au-Prince. Our home is also a gathering place for individuals we are mentoring, and for prayer, worship, and spiritual teaching. We also run a wedding ring business to help support ourselves and the ministry, as Apostle Paul did selling tents.

Pastor Jim Glynn - Former pastor of US congregation, doing ministry in Haiti since 1983, living in Haiti since 2014. 6 children, 12 grandchildren.

Misha Gerançon - Our House Manager and Personal Assistant. Misha manages house, vehicles, security, and accounting. He watches over all the daily details and is trustworthy friend to all.

Marc Desulma - Pastor Jim's number one spiritual son, Marc has an infectious hunger for the Kingdom of God to transform His Church. He meets with  potential young leaders to share foundations of revival, while also translating worship songs into Kreyòl. 

Is God Calling You?

Do you know what a Revivalist is, and does that describe you? At whatever stage of life you are now in: very young, middle-aged, or getting on in years, is God calling you to be part of a national spiritual revival? 

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Your prayer support and financial contributions will enable us to glorify God as we serve His purposes in a Great Awakening for Haiti.

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