Short-Term Mission Trips

We are seeking renewal churches and individuals connected to what God is doing in revival, intercession, spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance. We‘re also looking for construction crews to continue the work at the Transformation Center.

We go to Haiti initially to intercede and discern the spiritual forces at work in the “present darkness,” then to unite groups of pastors in prayer and mutual ministry, to draw churches closer to the Throne of God in worship, and to teach and preach “Preparing Holy Ground for Revival” and serving the villages, cities, and nation with the love of Christ.

We will engage in preaching, teaching, worship, healing and deliverance ministries, and intercession and prayer for the nation. We will trust the Lord to release wisdom and power through the uniqueness of each person, under the guidance of our team.

Some of our ministry takes place as we gather people for conferences, seminars, and small group discipleship at The Transformation Center. At other times we travel throughout the country, doing spiritual revival ministries with groups of pastors and leaders or in churches of various denominations.

If you feel the Lord has called and equipped you for the specific purposes outlined in this website, please call or write us and explain what He has put on your heart, so we can work together with you.

Please take into consideration that accommodations, food, and other arrangements in Haiti can be vary from very comfortable to very primitive, and require immense flexibility with unexpected changes.

If, after reading this, you still sense the still, small voice of the Spirit prompting you to go with us to Haiti, please contact us!


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