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Margie and Jim, 14-year-old daughter Rebekah, close friend Janis Markuson. A few others are inquiring to make a long-term commitment with us.

After we sell our house, raise support to live and do ministry there, send a container of our stuff and get rid of everything else...hopefully by early next year.
Achieve the goals of the mission to which God calls us...
•Restore the Soul of a Nation
•Create Disciples of Spiritual Revival

...through these rapidly-expanding ministries:
•Renewal Conferences for Pastors & Leaders
•Inspiration Guidance to Worship Leaders & Musicians
•Spiritually Father/Mother Future Leaders
•Establish a National House of Prayer and Worship
•Grow the ministry of the Haiti Transformation Center
•Minister to nationals and mission teams in our home
•Develop Teen Challenge International Haiti
    and serve as its Spiritual Director
Pray for faith to believe in the impossible. Pray for holy eyes and ears to see and hear the Lord. Pray that God will supply all we need to do all He sets before us. Pray for the release of every human and supernatural ability we need to serve and honor Him. Pray for the renewal of the Church and the revival of the nation of Haiti.
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We'll send progress reports, miracle stories, and answers to questions by e-newsletter.

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    815.990.2708 (M)
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Jim, Margie, Rebekah, Janis
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Teen Challenge Team #5, Better than Ever!
What is it about Teen Challenge teams? Here is the 5th team I've taken to Haiti from Ozarks Teen Challenge center in Branson, MO. These young boys have been delivered from every kind of addiction and rebellion, and their testimonies and ministry are filled with spiritual power and authority. They lay hands on Haitians and without knowing anything about them prophesy and pray powerful ministry into their lives. They share more vulnerably about shameful deeds most Christians could not even speak of, because they know they have been freed in Christ to save others from the same pits of hell in which they were lost. It is now my privilege to begin the process to establish a nationwide ministry of Global Teen Challenge in Haiti, which fits most perfectly into my call of spiritual revival to the nation. Check out the album of captioned photos from this amazing mission trip at
To Haiti With Family and a Friend
by JAMES GLYNN on 6 February, 2013

This past month I had a most strategic and wonderful trip to Haiti accompanied by Margie and our 14-year-old daughter Rebekah, who has only been back to Haiti twice since we adopted her at age five. Also with us was Margie's close friend Janis, which turned out to be a special blessing for all of us. 

Take a look at a video of worship from Pastor Ernso's church where I preached and shared a newly translated Creole worship song: CLICK HERE.

Then enjoy captioned photos from this mission of worship, prayer, mentoring disciples, and renewed relationships... CLICK HERE. 


Ozark Teen Challenge Haiti Team #4

by JAMES GLYNN on 30 August, 2012 

August, 2012: The fourth Haiti Mission with Ozark Teen Challenge...two leaders and eight teens ages 14-18, with testimonies and ministry of deliverance from drugs, alcohol, sexual sin, and rebellion. A powerful ministry once again. We did outdoor rallies of worship, testimonies, and hands-on prayer ministry in Jacmel, Petit Goave, Vallue, Leogane, and Port-au-Prince, including a gathering by Pastor Ernso Jean-Louis of 100 gang members from the slum of Cite Soleil. This was a most powerful and successful ministry, proving once again that Teen Challenge is used by the Lord to radically change the lives of young people who formerly seemed hopelessly lost. We have many fabulous ministry photos from this trip. Click Here to view photos

Transformation Leaders & Gonaives

by JAMES GLYNN on 30 July, 2012
July 2012: We spent a couple of days teaching pastors and leaders at the Transformation Center, one day with ministry students at a Port-au-Prince seminary, and then drove north to Gonaives, where we spent a day for the second time in a Conference with area pastors, staying with an American mission team at an orphanage in a zone called Marose. The photo above is one of our Haitian team members, Pastor Manès Barthelemy, sharing a testimony with seminary students. 

Mentoring Haiti Team & Cruise With A Cause

by JAMES GLYNN on 30 April, 2012 
 I went to Haiti this month with Dan Cromer, kindergarten teacher and veteran missionary. I preached at the Transformation Center on Easter Sunday; we spent a day with the team of Haitians whom I’ve been mentoring, another day beginning revival teaching to the pastors and leaders of Transformation Church, another day with 35 Brazilian friends on a mission in Haiti, and finally three days in various planning meeting and visits for “Cruise With A Cause,” a cruise-mission that is scheduled to come to Haiti in June, 2013. I’ve been asked to be on the planning Board of this mission. CLICK HERE to see all the photos from this ministry trip.
Teen Boys Humble Us All

by JAMES GLYNN on 29. FEB, 2012

Ozarks Teen Challenge has committed to send a team to Haiti with me twice a year. This was TC Team #3. Those of you who have been reading my posts for the past year know about the powerful ministry we’ve experienced these teams of former teen addicts. The sharing of their testimonies, the depth and honesty with which they share, and the power of their hands-on prayer has transformed the lives of countless youth and adults to whom we’ve ministered in Haiti.

After spending nine days in Haiti with TC Team #3, my head and heart are still spinning from the wonder of it all. I’ve been taking adults to Haiti for nearly thirty years, and had all kinds of experiences with people on mission trips to Haiti. I’ve had great experiences, good experiences, OK experiences, and terrible experiences. I’ve taken people to Haiti whom I’ve prayed would come back again, and I’ve taken others whom I would never take back!

Yet how can it be possible that a group of 14-17 year old boys, put in a rehab program by parents who could not continue to live with them at home, coming out of drug, alcohol, and sexual addictions along with rebellion and arrests…how could it be possible that these boys could be numbered among the most powerful ministry teams of all those I’ve ever taken to Haiti? How can this seeming impossibility be explained?

This was Haiti. Heat, food cooked on pots over charcoal on the ground, difficult sleeping experiences, long travel days over bumpy roads stopped for hours in dusty gridlock traffic, sometimes squashed into a vehicle with too many people, chicken with rice and beans over and over again, boring times setting up the sound system and then waiting for the service to begin and then taking down the sound system, repeating your testimony over and over, praying over people when you can’t speak their language. YET…I’m telling you the truth…I did not hear a single complaint from anyone on the entire trip! I never had to carry my suitcase; one of the boys always grabbed it before I had a chance. Please and Thank You and general thoughtfulness was constantly exhibited toward everyone. And I had some wonderful experiences just sitting and talking with these boys!

Then there was the ministry itself! I’ve taken some Christian adults to Haiti who stood before crowds and had nothing to share except for a brief greeting, pastors who preached dry uninspired messages or said they had nothing to say at all, others who had a hard time praying over people or joining in worship, some who did nothing but complain. Oh yes, I’ve had many who ministered powerfully, too! But these young boys somehow came out on top, and what training and experience have they had to do that kind of ministry? I guess only the testimony of how powerfully the Lord has rescued, delivered, and saved them, plus the power of the Holy Spirit responded to our prayers!

Some of these boys have testimonies that make you cry. While our associate Jesper was interpreting (saving my voice as much as possible), he would have to stop now and then to break down and then re-compose himself! Some came from parents who sexually abused them, some from prostitute or addict parents who introduced them to various horrors at an early age, some from Christian parents who loved them but couldn’t stop them from joining the wrong crowd. Some came from rich families and some from poverty. But all of them have been radically delivered and saved through Teen Challenge and now are hungry to live for Jesus and share the amazing story of His love, His grace, His forgiveness, His restoration, and His anointing for ministry upon those who are hungry to serve Him!

The boys would take turns sharing their stories before churches, outdoor rallies, youth groups, and small groups, and often the Holy Spirit would give them inspiration at the end of their testimony, so that suddenly they were opening their Bibles, sharing a Scripture, and even preaching or teaching passionately before thecrowds.

I instructed them, “At the end of each service, you will make a line across the front of the area where we are meeting. We’ll ask people to come forward for prayer. You can’t speak their language, and we don’t have a translator for each one, so you will be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. You will have to listen in the Spirit and pray WHATEVER HE PUTS IN YOUR HEART TO PRAY. Only you and the Lord will know if you are being faithful to pray what He tells you. You will see that even though they won’t understand in their minds what you are praying, your fervent prayers will have a profound effect on their spirits. If the Lord gives you a specific Word to speak to anyone, just call out or signal for one of us to translate for you.”

And this worked with miraculous results! Lines of people would form in front of each of the boys, waiting their turn for prayer. I walked back and forth behind them, listening. And I was amazed and deeply humbled. Not one of the boys was praying rote phrases quickly over each person, like “Bless this man, Lord, and show him your will, and reveal yourself to him. Amen.” NO, nothing like that. The boys were praying individual, different prayers over each person, so clearly being led by the unseen but oh so present Spirit. Sometimes the boys would hug the person for whom they were praying, sometimes fall to their knees, sometimes weep over people. I’ve rarely ever seen anything of such intensity; and it happened every time we ministered throughout the trip!

The Haitians would come up to me and tell me what had happened to them as the boys prayed over them. Some came to me to confess their sins and tell how they felt washed clean as the boys prayed. Some wanted me to tell the boys more so that they could pray more deeply over them.

If ever I need confirmation that the Lord has sent me to Haiti to do a ministry of SPIRITUAL REVIVAL AND TRANSFORMATION, this team of teen-aged boys certainly confirmed my own calling! I’m only sad that I have one of these teams only twice a year!


by JAMES GLYNN on 30. JAN, 2012

I squeezed so much ministry into a nine-day trip to Haiti that I had to take a day off and try not to talk in order to regain just enough voice to preach and sing again. But this January trip was another sign to me of the power of God that is being unleashed for revival in Haiti. Truly I feel that the words of Jesus to the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3:8, “Look, I have set before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, but you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”

Here’s a brief summary of nine days of ministry assisted by Joèl, Jesper, and others:

1) A Conference for 40 pastors in the town of Saut d”Eau, site of a beautiful and famous waterfall that voodoo worshippers have claimed as their own ever since the Virgin was seen in a tree nearby. These pastors will now join together to gather youth from the whole area in an outdoor rally with the Teen Challenge team that will visit this town with us in February.

2) On January 12, second anniversary of the Earthquake, I was broadcast on the new Transformation Radio station leading worship and preaching at a service of remembrance at the new Transformation Church on the site north of Port-au-Prince that we call the Transformation Center. We spent some holy time of sharing and planning with Pastor Guillomettre, and then in the evening went with Pastor Esdras to a church where my music and message was broadcast on Voice of the Gospel Radio.

3) Three days at a church whose four pastors and over 1,000 members are hungry for revival, who literally wore me out with ministry in worship and teaching! Friday night with the whole congregation, Saturday morning with all church leaders, Saturday afternoon with musicians and worship leaders, Sunday morning worship beginning 6:00 am, then a time of message and ministry to all married couples. The Teen Challenge team will also be here in February to minister to a youth gathering.

4) Countless hours of individual discipling, mentoring, sharing and prayer with Joèl, Jesper, Pastor Esdras, Pastor Guillomettre, renewed and restored original team member Pastor Manès, a new disciple Andris who travelled with us for three days, and another new friend in revival ministry whom I met in Brazil, Pastor Frederic.

5) An afternoon with an association of leaders of youth groups directed by Andris, sharing inspiration and challenge with them in preparation of a large gathering of youth both from their church groups and from the streets who will meet with the Teen Challenge team next month.


Vision Becomes Reality

by JAMES GLYNN on 17. NOV, 2011

I’ve envisioned it, dreamed it, prayed it, longed for it, waited so many years. But I was always lacking what I needed to put feet on the vision. I was up in the sky with no way to come down to earth. What if you dreamed of leading worship but had no music skills? I’ve spent years dreaming of a Transformation Center for the nation of Haiti; I could “taste” it, imagine what it would be like once completed, but I couldn’t build it. Here I am gifted by God to preach, teach, lead worship, disciple and mentor…yet I’ve never succeeded in anything that requires entrepreneurial, business, fund-raising, or construction abilities. There are some skills you can learn, even at an older age, as I’ve discovered with various computer operations. Then there are other seemingly God-given attributes you either have or don’t have. In any case, the Transformation Center has continued to be a dream always alive yet never realized.

God, being God, created others with other gifts, like Pastor Herode Guillomettre. We have become friends over the past few years, and have come to realize how amazingly our ministry gifts complement one another. Pastor Guillomettre talks about the desperate need to “transform the mentality” of the Haitian people, and he works to establish schools of micro-business, micro-loans, and various training programs to create futures in Haiti for people willing to properly apply their talents and gifts. I talk about the desperate need to “transform the spirit” of the Haitian church and people, and I work to shape individuals, leaders, and churches to live and function from the perspective of the Kingdom of Heaven while walking on the earth. I can speak into the lives of people to draw them into a deeper spiritual life. Pastor Guillomettre can train people who seek the Lord to use their gifts to transform the nation. Pastor Guillomettre can raise funds, purchase land, and build buildings while I can record music and messages for radio programs, staff a worship and prayer on-site ministry, and plan conferences for pastors and worship leaders.

It was Pastor Guillomettre who planned the very special gathering on a mountain overlooking Port-au-Prince on the first anniversary of the earthquake . Now it appears that the Lord is working a miracle that goes beyond Pastor Guillomettre’s gifts when we see how quickly the Transformation Center is going up! A Conference Center building with two large conference rooms, meeting rooms and offices, complete except for furnishings. A large cafeteria and kitchen. A radio tower already erected and the station offices and studios nearly complete. Water wells dug and large cisterns built. Dormitory under construction. Large hilltop Prayer Gazebo under construction. Large church building nearly complete. Amphitheater planned. All high on breezy hilltops commanding a most breathtaking view of hills, mountains, and ocean not too far north of the capital.

Doesn’t God have a sense of humor? Instead of the normal situation of an American raising all the money to create that “always grateful but always needing more” Haitian mentality, here we have a Haitian who owns the land, builds the buildings, and is humble enough to allow this American access to “complete the vision” of Transformation! How well we understand one another, and sometimes can laugh at our total opposite personalities!

Now I’m so excited to see how the Lord will direct all that will take place at this site! There’s no other place like it in all of Haiti. The very ground seems holy to me each time I walk it.

Perhaps there are some of you reading this who would want to take part in the great potential of this Transformation Center. We would welcome financial contributions toward this project. We would also welcome any groups who would like to spend a week or more working at the site itself in various areas of building design and construction, landscape, electrical/plumbing, interiors, etc. Contact us if you want to be part of this “revival of a nation” opportunity.