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Posted by Jim Glynn on 16-Mar-2013 at 18:14:56 EST
Subject: My Love-Horror Relationship With Haiti

I have a friend who is Professor of Religion, author, researcher, and lover of Haiti...she's married to a Haitian. She uses the phrase "evangelical bubble" to describe both the positives and negatives of how we view reality. I understand that well, after so many years of seeing countless Americans who travel to Haiti, engage in ministry there, cherish their experience, and return perhaps a number of times. Yet these same people talk about Haiti in a way that proves they have either refused to see or have been blinded to the truth of what is actually going on there.<br><br>I only use Twitter to follow others connected to Haiti, and to share tweets related only to Haiti. I have discovered that the majority of Christians who tweet about Haiti (excuse me, this sounds terrible, but it's true) talk about the most inane things like, "Pray for us, it's 90 degrees and I'm sweating," or the most elementary spiritual talk like, "Doing puppets at tonight's service, pray many will be led to make a decision for Christ." On the other hand, the non-Christians who tweet seem to be engaged in deep thoughts, serious issues which they address, and passionate concerns. Yes, that's interspersed with swear words and occasional tweets like, "Having fun dancing in the streets and drinking up a storm with a voodoo crowd," but at least I feel that many more of them speak with intelligence and forthrightness. <br><br>So in order to get out of the "bubble" and see Haiti more as it really is, I'm reading books written by secular journalists. It's terribly painful, because the real truth about Haiti is sometimes of such negative magnitude that I would like to find "spiritual" reasons to simply deny or at least ignore it. It's much easier to stay in the bubble, just visit all my closest disciples, churches, and pastors and mentor them, while ignoring the greater truth in this most difficult nation. Yet how can I really minister to a nation if I'm hiding under an evangelical blanket that isolates me from the world as it is?<br><br>If any of you want to pull back the covers on Haiti, I would suggest some of the latest books that have been written since the earthquake. Sometimes I just have to stop reading and spend some time in prayer, because I can start feeling hopeless, something foreign and opposite to the whole reason the Lord has called me to this nation. Here are a few books for starters...you can download them from Amazon to your Kindle or Mac Kindle app...<br><br>"Farewell Fred Voodoo," by Amy Wilentz.<br><br>"Travesty in Haiti" by Timothy Schwartz, subtitled, "A true account of Christian missions, orphanages, food aid, fraud and drug trafficking."<br><br>"The Big Truck That Went By," by Jonathan Katz, subtitled, "How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster."<br><br>"Killing With Kindness," by Mark Schuller, subtitled, "Haiti, International Aid, and NGOs."<br><br>I'm on my way to Haiti TOMORROW; Lord, lead me step by step in your strategy for touching this mysterious, muddy land with your glory.

Posted by Jim Glynn on 11-Oct-2012 at 08:05:26 EST
Subject: Rewards of Persevering in Mentoring

Many years ago, as a few of you know who have been following this ministry that long, I had a team of young Haitian men, some single some married, whom I was mentoring. In 2003, when problems of deep corruption in Haiti led to the destruction of our orphanage and burglary of all our equipment, I also had to let this team go because I discovered most of them were deceiving me with an appearance of spirituality and ministry while with me simply for the housing and food they received. At that time, only my faithful associate Joèl remained with me.

Now, nine years later, first Jesper was restored to me by confession, repentance, and a whole new life of deep spiritual reality and commitment. After Jesper came Manès (now Pastor Manès) with tears of repentance that had been burning in him for eight years! Most recently, Sadrak (now Pastor Sadrak) has returned under my discipleship, also with deep repentance and clear spiritual direction.

Sadrak works on a Cruise Ship. It's a very painful life, because he has to leave his wife, two children, and church for 8 months of the year; then come home for 3 months before returning to the ship.

Joèl and I visited Sadrak's home and church yesterday, a little partly-constructed compound in a zone called Merger, west of Port-au-Prince. It was a wonderful reunion with his wife, because I married them about ten years ago. It appears they must pay cruise ship workers very little; I assume that's why none of them are Americans, most, Sadrak tells me, are Filipinos. Yet Sadrak's wife Junie "holds down the fort" at home and at church for 8 months of the years, aided by some very faithful and Spirit-filled church leaders. She is also starting a school for young children in their home. In order to attract students, she charges US$50 entry fee, and then only $5 per month.

I sat on a bench in Sadrak's church, a small building with a concrete floor and corrugated tin roof but no walls...only curtains blowing in the breeze. Two of his elders came to talk together, and right away I could see that everything I taught Sadrak between 1999 and 2003 was alive in the spiritual reality and direction of these men.

They told me how the Lord was blessing the whole zone where they live as they apply the teachings of Pastor Sadrak, immerse themselves in prayer, seek the supernatural Kingdom instead of money and material things, worship before the Throne of God on high, and practice a serious unity with all the other churches in the area. Sometimes they cancel their own worship in order for all their members to visit and bless another church. This touches me deeply, for all this is part of what I have mentored and always wondered if it was bearing any fruit.

There were many voodoo temples and witch doctors in the area. Pastor Sadrak and his members entered into prayer to ask God to touch those witch doctors with salvation in Christ or to send them away from the area. As a result, some became Christians, some moved away, and some died!

There are three major intersections with the main east-west road in this community. Because of evil spiritual connections, all three of these intersections were places of constant vehicle accidents and deaths. Sadrak took members of his church to do acts of spiritual warfare, prayer, and prophetic acts to sanctify the ground of those intersections, and since that time there have been no more accidents or deaths.

Another sign of revival is that this area used to receive no rain; something about it's location near mountains that rain always passed over it, and as a result the crops of fruits and vegetables were often dead before they could be harvested. But now, they pointed around them and said, "Look at all the green; something is happening and we are receiving more rain than ever before; now we have beautiful trees and our gardens are producing good crops!"

Soon more people from the church started to arrive, and as they did, they would pull up chairs and turn benches around and I began teaching, pouring out my heart as the Spirit was leading. I realized that here, in a little unknown community called Merger, the Lord had planted someone whom I thought had been lost both to me and to the ministry of spiritual revival. Here, while I was dripping sweat in miserable heat, I was seeing the rewards of perseverance in ministry.

Sadrak returns to the cruise ship next week. But I have made a new connection in a little place that is experiencing great power and blessing through seeking His Kingdom and His Righteousness. My joy is overflowing.

Posted by Rick S. / Redding, CA on 24-Sep-2012 at 11:00:17 EST
Subject: Abundant Blessings and Fresh Revelation

We may not have personal contact often, but rest assured that Holy Spirit brings you and your ministry to mind frequently. It saddens me to learn of the negative influence this "church" has in the nation. TRUTH will always prevail! Keep fighting the good fight. Chris and I love and miss you. We will continue to lift you and your work up in prayer, asking for supernatural downloads of stradegies to defeat the works of the enemy. Do not grow weary of doing good. Your reward is great. We release supernatural refreshing, in Jesus name, even as you read this!

Rick & Chris

Posted by Perrier Yède on 24-Sep-2012 at 04:41:37 EST
Subject: Encouragements

Thank you, Jim for the news and for sharing what you are living. Sad to read about the people in Haïti and about the difficulties, that the Pastor Esdras is living in his church. You are right, it is not easy to be a prophet.
May God fill you with his wisdom.

Blessing Yède

Posted by Jim Glynn on 22-Sep-2012 at 14:48:29 EST
Subject: Prosperity Gospel Covers Haiti

Sometimes I feel like Jeremiah, the young boy sent to be a prophet who really didn't want to be a prophet of doom. Sometimes I feel like Jonah, sent to prophesy the terrible truth to Ninevah but he really didn't want to do that...yet finally when he did the city repented and was spared from doom.

This is how I feel about Haiti. God gives me insight and wisdom into the truth about the Pastors, Churches, and Christians of Haiti, and the messages He burns in my heart and mouth is rarely pleasant. Most pastors and Christians are going an entirely opposite direction from that which would lead to spiritual revival and transformation of the misery in Haiti. Few really want to hear what I'm sent to preach. And when God led me to read Ezekiel 30:30-33 on the flight to Port-au-Prince, that really blew me away (read it)!

Since the earthquake of January 2010, what was one small Pentecostal church that had a radio station has now almost literally taken over the whole island. Due to support from the President, this station is now listened to more than any other in Haiti, especially by Christians of all denominations, and the church, so they say, has grown to over 50,000 members (I believe they count everyone who subscribes and sends in offerings through the radio station). This church preaches the most extreme "Prosperity Gospel" that I have ever heard, telling people to send in money in order to have their prayers for riches fulfilled, in order to be guaranteed a US visa or residence, in order to have their offerings multiplied hundreds of times back into their laps.

The gospel being preached on this station and by this church has nothing at all to do with the real Gospel, and yet it is defended and upheld to the point where it is difficult to say anything against it to anyone! It makes me so sick I could vomit.

I'm called to preach against that false gospel without preaching against specific people or churches. Still everyone knows what I'm talking about, but I believe if I do not preach against this false gospel and supplant it with the HOLY TRUTH of God's Word, I'm disobeying all that God is calling me to do.

My heart is so heavy, because I'm looking at the prophets of doom in the Old Testament. Maybe they were hoping that Israel would turn around because of their messages, but Israel didn't, and the worst imaginable prophesied possibilities became realities.

So here I am thinking that I've been sent to Haiti to turn the Church around, that they would seek the Kingdom of God and nothing of the Kingdom of the World, and that the result would be a transformed Haiti in every sphere! But now I wonder: Oh Lord, am I sent to Haiti to pronounce a doom that it appears it growing closer because of the increasing apostasy of your Church? And won't that mean I'll just be hated like your prophets of old were hated? Ugh, this doesn't sound too good. But it can't change the truth.

So let's see where this is all going to lead, and please be in prayer that the Church of all denominations of an entire nation can repent and that we might see one of the greatest miracles of our time, spiritual revival and transformation in Haiti!

In the meantime, there IS a group of pastors, churches, and anointed individuals who hear the truth I preach, who are able to be discipled and mentored, who are ready to serve the Lord for the revival of Haiti no matter what the cost. Pray that their commitment and sacrifice would be a spiritual warfare against the enemy of spiritual idolatry, love of money, and commitment to the Kingdom of the World instead of the Kingdom of God in Haiti.

Posted by Jim Glynn on 11-Sep-2012 at 08:42:51 EST
Subject: Facing the Truth in Haiti

I’m doing all I can to move the Church of Jesus Christ in Haiti AWAY from an entrenched religious system that has been created mostly by American missionaries, both Evangelical and Pentecostal. Most of the Haitian mainline evangelical church is rigid, cold, hierarchichal, and anti-Spirit Baptist. At the same time, most Pentecostal churches in Haiti are loud and demonstrative in worship yet without true signs of spiritual gifts or fruits. Both evangelicals and Pentecostals keep the church rigidly under laws, rules, and doctrines created by men instead of setting them free under the Gospel. Now, since the earthquake, through a church and radio station which have risen to wealth and prominence, the Prosperity Gospel has overtaken the church, moving Christians further from true revival into a false and even demonic gospel. Multitudes of Pentecostal American mission groups are ready to support this, seeing that the US church itself is overrun with supposedly Spirit-filled Christians pursuing this deception.

Worship in most Haitian churches is about law and performance. Strutting worship leaders screaming into microphones, making people repeat, repeat, repeat like robots whatever they say and do, adding dead liturgical elements to the order of worship and prayer, using music to display talent rather than to lead worshippers to the Throne of God in Spirit and Truth.

It appears that the majority of pastors in Haiti are seeking money, status, and US visas while being unconverted themselves. They are blind guides leading congregations in a religion that only resembles Christianity to those who look only with human eyes.

If I were to participate in leading a Bible school or seminary in Haiti, the theological subjects taught would not be of primary importance, but rather what would be done to ensure that the false religious spirit would be crushed. Haiti is filled with Bible schools and seminaries of every conceivable type. I want to be part of what will shut down a system that keeps the church in slavery instead of liberty and binds the nation under demonic rule instead of ushering in transforming spiritual revival.

I have a picture in my mind that illustrates what I am saying. If I were to have some kind of school in Haiti, I would first have to (figuratively) pick up each of the students, turn them upside down, and shake them vigorously until everything the church had already given them of religious spirits, legalism, false gospels, and doctrines of men and demons had been shaken out. Then I’d turn them right-side up and spend a lengthy period of time filling them with the presence and power of the Lord through worship and prayer. Only then might I begin teaching a curriculum to fill their minds.

Posted by Jim Glynn on 05-Jul-2012 at 17:08:09 EST
Subject: Did We Export This Ugly Legalism?

MESSAGE RECEIVED FROM PASTOR ESDRAS, one of the most godly and spiritually wise Haitians I know. He wrote to me...

"Something inside me is saying, 'Pray to God to crush the errors in the Church and reconstruct it spiritually.' This is what I long to see for my own church in this time.

"Let me tell you a funny story: People in my church don't want to see me now. They had a big meeting of the members. They want to put some of the benches apart for people who are "in sin." These same people say that this would not include people who live together apart from marriage, they call those people 'without shame.' They say our church is an "antichrist" church because we let a group of young people from Mexico minister among us, and some of them had tattoos and piercings. These were young people from Youth With A Mission!

"Today (Sunday) I was obliged to stop sharing the Lord's Supper because all the members were insulting me; they want me to let them lead the church. Yet none of them want to pray, or take part in the Bible study where I'm teaching them why we must accept others as they are. It seems impossible for them to understand this.

"This generation is really lost. Please share this with your intercessors.

Your son in Christ,

Posted by Jim Glynn on 05-Jul-2012 at 16:52:21 EST
Subject: No Givers on the Mission Field

People go to other countries to do missions…Mexico, African and Asian countries…they are often housed, fed, and driven around to the places of ministry and not expected to pay even though great sacrifices are being made to host them. But Haiti, what's the deal? If I need to rent a vehicle for a team that can't all fit in mine, I have to pay at very least $150/day, and that's even from other missionaries! It's nearly impossible to stay somewhere overnight, even in someone's home, and not be expected to pay. If someone serves me a meal in their home and does NOT make it clear they expect to be paid, I'm amazed! If I want to find a place simply to meet together with the ten men I am mentoring, I can't without paying. If I need a sound system, I have to pay commercial prices to rent and have it set up, I'm talking hundreds of dollars! Who can figure this out in the poorest country that's filled with missionaries? Seems to be everyone's goal to make as much money as possible. I rent my vehicle for half of what everyone else charges and I still feel guilty. I'd like to take my ten guys to the beach for a day, something they would never get to do, but I'd have to pay $150 to get them in because no Christian mission on a beach will let others in at all so we have to pay the day rate at the beach resorts.That's why airfare is cheap to get to Haiti but we have to pay a fortune for the land costs.

Posted by Jim Glynn on 21-May-2012 at 12:44:41 EST
Subject: The Opposition

19. JAN, 2011

People continue to ask the question, “What about voodoo in Haiti?” Well, the worldwide media continues to publish made-up statistics about the religions of Haiti. You can read in journals and newspapers how Haiti is a “voodoo nation,” how Roman Catholicism along with voodoo are followed by a vast majority of the population, and how Evangelical Protestantism is a small minority. Evangelicals are regularly accused by the international media of trying to force an “American-imported religion” upon the people, in the process destroying the ancient voodoo culture.

I imagine that most everyone who reads the newsletters and blogs of this ministry realize that voodoo is not a Haitian cultural phenomenon any more than Satan himself has ownership of any nation or culture. Satan has stolen and destroyed the nation of Haiti, just as he does with any people, culture, or nation who allow him to do so. So also is the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ belong to every person on the face of the earth.

Take a look at this photo of youth creating a mosaic tile mural on a wall near the beach in Jacmel (I just took this one week ago). I was sosad to see two things…they have drawn demons to decorate with tile…and the group sponsoring and paying for this, working beside them, were Americans!

It USED to be that voodoo and Catholicism, and the syncretism between the two, captured the majority of Haitians’ devotion. But the GOOD NEWS is that people who are currently researching such stuff all agree that FORTY PERCENT of the population are evangelical (which includes both mainline evangelicals and all Pentecostals). You only have to take a drive through Haiti and see for yourself…both in the cities and throughout the countryside. Here and there you see voodoo peristyles (temples). Here and there you see Catholic churches. And everywhere you go, one after another, you see Lutheran, Episcopal, Baptist, Nazarene, Methodist, Church of God, Assemblies of God, Independent, and every other imaginable kind of Christian. Most of the private schools are evangelical schools, as are the hospitals, as are the orphanages, as are many national radio stations, as are the mission campuses and Bible schools and seminaries.

So does that mean the Church of Jesus Christ, now the majority, is changing the whole spiritual atmosphere of the nation and is creating holy ground upon which the feet of the Lord can “touch down” in revival? Sadly, NO.

What you see with human eyes tells you that this is an evangelical nation, but if you have spiritual eyes, it’s clear that Satan and his demons are still the uncontested rulers over Haiti. Why is that?

The answer is simple, and similar to the reason we don’t see much revival in the United States. Here it is: division…jealousy…love of power and position…love of money…commitment to doctrines created by people not by God…pastors establishing kingdoms for themselves instead of coming together to serve the Kingdom of God, the age-old division between Baptists and Pentecostals.

If the Christians had united behind a godly, humble Presidential candidate (there was one, maybe two), they could have shocked the world with an evangelical President. But most Christians don’t vote, and if they do, they don’t do it in unity.

Satan’s forces are small but very vocal and united in Haiti. And as we know from many Bible story examples, a small number of dedicated, united people can change the world! Too bad unity is on the side of the Opposition!

Here in our country, most Christians are too busy following the “American Dream” instead of giving up their lives to follow Jesus wherever He calls. And so, despite our mega-churches and mega-ministries, we continue to look like non-Christians in most ways, while our cries for revival are short-lived.

Still, I thank the Lord that I can see behind the deceptive veil of this world. In Haiti, we can see that the Lord is assembling His troops to do spiritual battle against the powers of evil. If you read all my blogs that are titled with the words, “His Name Is…”, you will agree that something very supernatural is happening. That’s not because God is finally getting Himself moving; He’s been waiting like a horse at the starting line of the race, waiting for a critical mass of His people to seek Him with fasting, tears, and cries that pour from the heart, and it seems that, unseen by many, this is happening in Haiti.

For this ministry, that means I suddenly have more to do than it seems I can do, more people hungry to go to Haiti to do spiritual revival ministry, more pastors in Haiti who want me to come and feed their spiritual hunger instead of chicken, rice, and beans, more worship leaders and musicians who want to focus all eyes on heaven instead of on themselves.

And I’m counting the years I have left and asking the Lord to come quickly in answer to a lifetime of seeking Him for the sake of that little island once called “The Pearl of the Antilles.” One day, we will see it transformed into that jewel again, by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit of God.