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Praise and Worship songs in Haitian Creole produced and recorded by James Glynn. If you click below you will be taken to "PAYLOADZ" website where you can choose which albums/songbook you wish to download and will pay through PayPal account or credit card:
James Glynn has translated and recorded over 400 well-known contemporary praise and worship songs into Haitian Creole over the past 20 years. He continues to record new songs. This is the only project of it’s kind in Haitian Creole.
These CDs are recorded in the private studio of a friend who donates his time and expertise to this project. The purpose of these recordings is simply to help Haitians learn the songs so that they can use them in worship.
There are 24 CDs as follow:

RELE BONDYE 1-10 (Shout to God)

The ten “Rele Bondye” albums are the original praise and worship songs translated into Haitian Creole (Kreyòl) and recorded by James Glynn over the past twenty years. These are songs known and sung by people all over the world, now in the Haitian Creole language.

ADORASYON DJANM 1-2 (Strong Worship)

A selection of “high praise” songs for worship, with a driving beat, high volume, suitable for clapping and hands in air. We use these songs to “enter His gates.”

ADORASYON FON 1-2 (Deep Worship)

Songs of deep, quiet reflection, often sung as cries to the Lord revealing the deepest longings of our hearts. These are songs through which the Lord often speaks and reveals Himself to worshippers.

KONSÈ D’ADORASYON 1-3 (Concert of Worship)

The songs on these three albums can be used as solo songs of inspiration, but many are also appropriate for congregational singing.

KRAZE KÈ MWEN, BONDYE (Break My Heart, O God)

Translated and recorded from the Dennis Jernigan album, “Break My Heart, O God,” including a song now sung by Haitian Christians all over the world, “You Are My All in All” (“Ou Se Tout Pou Mwen”).

BONDYE KAPAB (God is Able)

Newer songs of praise and worship for congregational singing.

ALFA E OMEGA (Alpha and Omega)

More new songs of praise and worship for congregational singing.

MWEN TE REVE (I Dreamed a Dream)

Famous secular songs tweaked and revised into Christian songs by James Glynn.

KORAL AMERIKEN CHANTE KREYÒL (American Choir Sings Creole)

A choir of 15 from Cross & Crown Church, Arlington Heights, IL, sang these songs in various churches in southwest Haiti.

CHAN LAMOU AK MARIAJ (Songs of Love and Marriage)

Songs appropriate to use at weddings or any other occasion to celebrate and inspire godly love and marriage.

CHAN TI MOUN (Songs for Children)

Simple songs young children can learn as they seek the presence and power of the Lord in their lives. Adults will enjoy singing them too.


Lyrics of all the songs recorded on 24 albums by James Glynn. English and Creole indexes so you can find your favorite English songs and sing them in Creole. Downloadable in PDF format.  
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