As of August 24, 2012, HaitiRevival and Pastor James Glynn are members of an international fellowship of Churches and Ministers. For fifty years, this spiritual family has provided covering, credentials and prayer support for pastors, churches, and ministries around the world. The purpose of this affiliation is to serve and support our ministry in fulfilling our God-given vision. This is not a denomination. We remain an independent ministry, but we are now linked to an association of other independent evangelical ministries which provides spiritual Christian relationships and encouragement.
We are also members of an independent supporting evangelical congregation in Rockford, IL.
We are not under any doctrinal authority which dictates or controls our direction in ministry. But we have mentors, advisors, trusted pastors, intercessors, and a Board of Directors who watch over us spiritually and help in guidance and direction as the Lord leads.
Please see our attached Statement of Faith for further clarity.