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Meet Pastor Jim and Margie Glynn

I am Pastor James Glynn, President and Founder of HaitiRevival and it’s parent organization, Heart of God Ministries. Together with my wife, Margie, we are called by God to stir the spiritual hunger of church leaders and Christians in Haiti so that they would seek the presence of God for the revival of the nation. Of course, only the Holy Spirit of God can bring revival to a nation. Yet we arecalled to be one of His many servants whom He calls to serve Him in re-claiming a nation that has been dedicated to Satan for two hundred years. We go to Haiti to love and serve its people; to honor, encourage, and challenge the pastors and spiritual leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of all denominations; to demonstrate the true Heart of God — grace, mercy, repentance, forgiveness, sacrifice, humility — where the ruling spirits, even in the Church, often demonstrate quite the opposite.

Our ministry in Haiti began in 1983, when, as I was pastor of a church in suburban Chicago, we began a relational partnership with a congregation in rural Haiti. We trained and led teams of our members every summer to engage in various ministries with our sister church. We lived with them, worked with them, worshipped with them, and grew to love them, as the Lord birthed a deeper call in my heart to this the poorest, most openly demonic, and most despised nation in our hemisphere.

In 1994, after eighteen years of ordained pastoral ministry, God planted in our hearts His desire for us to resign our ministry in Chicago to begin a full-time work to follow Him for the revival of the nation of Haiti. At the time we didn’t know what it would mean; we had experienced much in Haiti, usually doing ministries among a few churches there. But step by step, God revealed to us, first the true condition of the Church of Jesus Christ as it is today in Haiti, and then His desire to deliver and restore the nation to Himself. We began the non-profit corporation that is now HaitiRevival, carrying a message of repentance, unity, prayer, and worship renewal to pastors and churches in Haiti.

On a More Personal Note: Margie and I have been married since 1971. We have three biological children, three adopted Haitian children, and ten grandchildren. We lived in Arlington Heights, IL and then Freeport, IL, going to Haiti regularly to do ministry, until 2014, when the Lord called us to move to Haiti, where we now reside in Port-au-Prince.

Margie and I both graduated with B.A. From Wittenberg University in 1972, she with a major in Special Education, and I with a major in English/Sociology and minor in Music. I received an M.Div. from Northwestern Lutheran Seminary, St. Paul, MN, in 1976. I was Associate Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, Des Moines, IA, 1976-79, and then Senior Pastor of Cross & Crown Community Church, Arlington Heights, IL, 1979-94, at which time we started this interdenominational ministry.

Since 1994 we have committed the financial needs of our family and this ministry into the hands of the Lord. We live, and the entire ministry operates, by the contributions and offerings of faithful individuals and churches.

These are my Primary Life Commitments and Priorities:

  • To My Heavenly Father, My Savior Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit…for His revival fire to burn brightly in and through me; to know His purity, purpose, plans, power, provision, and peace; to worship, pray, and praise Him daily, and to follow Him courageously wherever He may lead.
  • To One Magnificent Marriage…giving my life to one woman in this world as completely as I am able; to honor, applaud, and encourage her to be all she can be, and to serve together with her as partners in ministry throughout our lives.
  • To Six Precious Treasures, Our Children…having loved, taught, and disciplined nearly all of them to adulthood, now continuing to give them my heart, my counsel, and the creating of memories that will be a legacy of love and faith for their futures.
  • To The Family of Christ’s Church…ministering with a humble heart and a bold voice, according to my God-given design of growing people deep in faith and transformed in everyday life; to be a part of God’s worldwide present-day revi8val across the cultures of this country and the world.

Our Team in Haiti

In the work of spiritual revival to which we are called and anointed in Haiti, we have a team of Haitians who are in various stages of discipling, mentoring, and partnering with us in ministry. Joèl Cornet has travelled with me as co-worker and disciple since 1999. Currently I can identify ten men who are standing beside me at various levels in ministry. I want to introduce them and let you see their photos. I would call the first three men my primary Co-Laborers in this work:

1) JOÈL CORNET: Joèl has been with me for 13 years. He was headed for a career as a professional soccer player when God called him to dedicate his life to ministry. He has forsaken all possibilities to hold a regular job so that he can always be available to me at a moment’s notice. He is responsible for all that I have in Haiti, including the ministry vehicle. He is bothson and counselor to me; servant and leader, my disciple and my protector. Joèl is married with three children and an elder in his church in the city of Jacmèl. He is lifelong best friend to…

3) PASTOR ESDRAS JEAN-PIERRE: I met Pastor Esdras when he was living in Santo Domingo. He calls me his apostle and is a true disciple of revival. He is also a most capable and gifted teacher and preacher. Esdras is a prayer warrior, waking up regularly in the middle of the night to spend hours before the Lord. He goes out to gather pastors in towns and villages, teaching them everything I have taught and then taking me to deepen their worship and further instruct their hearts and minds. Pastor Esdras is married with three children.


4) PASTOR MANÈS BARTHELEMY: Manès was a very young man fresh out of Bible School when he joined my original ministry team. After spending 4 years together, he left the ministry in 2003. He returned to us in 2011, and now is a close friend and disciple once again. Pastor Manès is married with three children, and lives in a housing project of small wooden homes which a Canadian NGO built to replace a tent camp. We have done a number of ministries in his church, including an outdoor service for youth by the last Teen Challenge team.

5-8) JIMMY CERISEME, JEAN-PAUL ALEXIS, LUCNER BONHOMME, PASTOR JAMES HILAIRE: These four men are leaders in the church at the mountaintop village of Vallue. They have become disciples in this ministry, and clearly called by the Lord for spiritual revival. We’re believing that God will use them for a spiritual outbreak in the region surrounding Petit Goave, and together with us in ways the Lord will unfold. (Pastor James is not pictured).


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