Construction for Spiritual Transformation

The vast majority of mission teams come to Haiti to build something. As a result, Christian churches, schools, clinics, and orphanages cover Haiti, yet it continues to descend economically and spiritually as demons dine on the nation’s soul. Denominations are divided by doctrines, jealousies, pride, and the love of money and power. Haiti desperately needs spiritual revival, seeking God to bring miraculous transformation in every sector.

One project unlike any other is currently under construction on a vast oceanview property of hills and valleys north of Port-au-Prince (near Cabaret in an area called Bercy). It’s called The Transformation Center, envisioned to become a national headquarter of spiritual and social inspiration.

The Transformation Center will not have the name of a person, church or denomination attached to it. All involved are people of humble hearts who seek nothing to glorify themselves, but hungry to see Haiti revived through a unity of God’s Church.

Currently under construction or in the plans are:

1. The Transformation Church, nearing completion, to be a national interdenominational Center of Worship, equipped to enable and encourage true spiritual worship. We invite worship leaders, pastors, teachers, and musicians from other nations to anoint Haitians, that they might lift worship into the realm of the Spirit.

2. The National House of Prayer, to be a place of daily intercession and warfare for the revival of the nation, a place where Haitians will be trained to seek no longer earthly goods and prosperity, but rather the Kingdom of God in desperation with powerful spiritual warfare until His Kingdom comes.

3. The Transformation Conference Center, Cafeteria, and Guest House, now nearing completion. A place where pastors, leaders, couples, and other Christian groups can come in a beautiful, scenic location for conferences and seminars on all aspects of spiritual revival. Also a place to host conferences for promising young entrepreneurs to learn micro-business from successful Haitian and international Christian business leaders.

4. Radio Transformation, now completed and functioning with signal reaching throughout the capital area. Praying to make it a national station, with Spirit-filled teaching, prayer, and worship programs that exemplify true spiritual unity and revival.

5. Global Teen Challenge plans to house a ministry on this property for young people addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex, delivering and preparing them to be Haiti’s future spiritual leaders. We currently host regular teams of boys from a US Teen Challenge center who come to share testimonies and minister powerfully to crowds of young Haitians.

6. Transformation Publishing House and Recording Studio, where we will translate, produce, and distribute books, CD/video teaching, and worship music to churches throughout Haiti.

7. Artists Revived: Haiti is famous for paintings and wood carvings. There is village and city art, voodoo demon art, even sexual art, but no Spirit-inspired Christian art. We want to build a fully equipped artist’s studio overlooking the mountains and ocean on this site, then invite gifted and anointed Haitian artists to join those who will come from abroad to inspire and mentor them.

8. Amphitheater: One of the natural “bowls” of the Transformation Center property could become an amphitheater for crusades, conferences, and other Christian events...something that doesn’t exist anywhere in Haiti.

There is nothing in all of Haiti comparable to the Transformation Center. We pray it will become a gathering, teaching, equipping and anointing center for pastors, leaders, musicians, artists, and Christians of all denominations, drawing God’s people from abroad to participate together in lifting up God’s Church, with spiritual power and authority, hungrily seeking revival from heaven.

  • You can come spend a few days, a week or longer sharing your gifts of teaching, preaching, intercession, prophecy, worship leading, music, or whatever God might direct, with conferences and gatherings of Christians at the Center.
  • You can come and work on the ongoing construction of the Transformation Center in building, landscape, electrical, plumbing, interiors, sound and lighting systems.
  • You can contribute financially to any part of this project. Just click the “Donate” button on this website or send a check to the address on the Contact page.
Contact us at any time by e-mail or phone if you want more information or to participate in this great spiritual and construction venture.

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